Set B provides many different kinds of exercises in an easy and efficient set that won't stick out amongst your minimalist home decor. This set includes all three expanders— the single, the double, and the big— a pair of aerobic dumbbells, the push-up bar set, and the Kenko massage ball to help you recover after working up a sweat. Featuring sleek designs and natural maple wood exteriors that look handsome in any setting, this set comes complete with a stylish three-box storage system perfect for discretely organizing your gear in your living room, bedroom, or Fitness & SPA area.


    All sport and massage devices are coated and covered with lacquer and are resistable against sweat and dirt. They are easily to clean - just with warm water.


    Set B includes

    -  Dumbbell set of 1 kg

    -  Expander (Double)

    -  Expander (Single)

    -  Expander (Big)

    -  Push-Up Devices (Maple)

    -  kenko massage ball

      1.390,00 €Price


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