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kenko develops sports and regeneration equipment for daily use at home in a minimalist and natural interpretation to existing fitness equipment.The approach of kenko convinces with its reduced design and convincing function.High-quality, natural materials such as wood and cork serve as the basis for the geometric shapes of the kenko range. The sports and regeneration items fit perfectly into any living area and blend with the interior. They are not just pure sports equipment, the products also become sculptural objects in your own four walls.

In 2016, kenko was founded by Andreas Bachmann and Fritz Grospietsch. The two product designers, who previously made a name for themselves internationally by trading in design classics, take a sustainable approach to design and aim to complement the sports equipment market with a high-quality, sustainable alternative. Following the guiding principle “We want your sports equipment to be as beautiful as your home”, kenko has since been delighting customers worldwide with its unique products. The focus is on extremely high quality standards, local production and the exclusive use of natural materials. Since November 2020, kenko sports equipment also has a new home in the showroom in Berlin Mitte.

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